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BERANGERE MAXIMIN ET SES SIRENES EXTRATERRESTRES feature article by Jacques Serena, in L’Oreille Absolue #47 (FR)

INFINITESIMAL on the Office Ambience #361 in the March issue of The Wire (UK)

INFINITESIMAL on the best albums of 2013 list of  The Esoterrorist (USA)

« The title for Maximin’s latest is apropos for such a minimalist record, but beneath the hush is a quiet tension, a possibly impending outburst that makes you reluctant to lean in too closely. Soon the tension is loosened and hypnotic loops envelop your preciously terrified ears, but not too much.»

INFINITESIMAL on Pitchfork - The Out Door  - Long Careers, Busy Years - Reflecting on some of the best experimental sounds of the year. (USA)

« Bérangère Maximin’s Infinitesimal is so alive with the sounds of the external world that I initially couldn't locate her musical voice inside all of the activity. But as the album proceeds, ghosts of order emerge, through glimpses of symmetrical shapes and flashes of matching colors. Slowly, Infinitesimal establishes internal logic, matching the way things make sense in your head even if you can’t explain them. Maximin credits herself only with “voice, laptop, and various objects,” but she uses those minimal tools to drill a bottomless sound-well. And where previous records were more collaborative, Infinitesimal feels like her most personal statement yet. »

INFINITESIMAL on the  Drowned In Sound 13 FINEST AMBIENT RELEASES OF 2013 list. (UK)

«A disorientating mix of sounds from French electroacoustic composer Maximin. At times Infinitesimal lulls one into a false sense of security with its disembodied soundscapes, but at others it has much the same impact as subtler harsh noise releases in that it slowly rearranges your brain without you even noticing.»