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                                                                            by Renaud Monfourny     [FR]

"On pourrait argumenter le fait qu’elle est une des plus intéressantes représentantes de la musique électronique très simplement : « sound objects, microphonics, digital chimeras, voice ». Voilà avec quoi elle a enregistré (composé, produit, etc..) son double album Dangerous orbits (MTM/Crammed discs). On ajoutera simplement que l’on s’immerge très facilement et sans s’en rendre compte dans ses boucles très sensuelles et organiques. A écouter le matin avec la lumière et le chant des oiseaux, ou la nuit à faible volume dans le silence…" - R.M.



"Sortir" / Cover





 "2014 has welcomed Kevin Saunderson and Damon Albarn to the FACT Mix controls – but the man behind mix 459 is arguably the most storied mixer of the year so far."





Mixtape by Charlatans' Tim Burgess.

w/ Nik Colk Void, Bérangère Maximin, Daniel O'Sullivan, Alexander Tucker, Chastity Belt, Simon Fisher Turner, Solange, Ariel Rosenberg, Pheromoans and Animal Collective.



Mixtape by Crammed Discs' Marc Hollander.



                                       ALBUM REVIEWS



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EXCLAIM! (CA) by Kevin Press

 " It's difficult not to admire composers whose work is so recognizably fearless. French performer Bérangère Maximin produces recordings that are consistently — dramatically, even — outside of what most of us would recognize as the mainstream of electronic music. (...) Her new album, Frozen Refrains, captures a gifted artist at or at least near her creative peak." Exclaim!



Tiny Mix Tapes (USA) by Elizabeth Newton


"This ecstatic intrusion on my dumb grind was later brought to my memory by some of the most distinctive music I’ve heard in a while, sound artist Bérangère Maximin’s fifth full-length, Frozen Refrains, which gave me that same feeling of climbing out of an egg. Her abstract, intriguing music’s various pulsations, assemblages, and dead-ends made me think of the purple umbrella, but also many other mental pictures in my imagination, both magnificent and mundane: gestures toward divination " Tiny Mix Tapes



Fluid Radio (UK) by Nathan Thomas

 " what frequently emerges across the album’s seven tracks is a strong sense of musicality, by which I mean that concerns such as harmony, rhythm, structure, and intensity are given the same weight as timbre and spectral analysis. A particularly striking manifestation of this is the way in which certain elements from one piece are often repeated in the next one, a risky ploy that could’ve easily come across as lazy or overly repetitive, but in Maximin’s hands gives the album an organic sense of wholeness and of different ideas growing from the same root." Fluid Radio



     'Frozen Refrains' rated #3 on German Musikexpress Magazine's editor-in-chief Albert Koch's top albums of the year



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  THE QUIETUS (UK) by Cindy Stern

"Stretching the material to the limit, she's created something that sounds like it is torn from within her. It calls for deep listening due to so many beautiful moments appearing out of the mixes which could be missed on a quick blast on a PC".

The Quietus

  THE WIRE MAGAZINE 375 (UK) by Nina Power

(click to enlarge)


"A menacing silvery growl runs through this record, where dysfunctional spaceships meet the memories of Solaris... a muffled dubby pulse ungrounds and untethers... Maximin's cinematic soundworks are discomforting reminders that the universe does not at all belong to us".

The Wire


  EXCLAIM! (CA) by Glen Hall

"Dangerous Orbits is hallucinatory and visionary". Exclaim!




 "You can start to feel it on your skin, coursing in, through and around your body. It feels as though some primal sub-frequency floating through the ether has been tapped into, offering an alternate reality; not quite surreal but not quite familiar either. Sound as a living, breathing being existence beyond the sum of its collective parts." Spectrum Culture


'Dangerous Orbits' pops up on Mikey Jones' best of 2015 list on Fact Mag

CHICAGO READER (USA) by Peter Margasak


 A Reader staffer shares three musical obsessions, then asks someone (who asks someone else) to take a turn....


"French sound artist Bérangère Maximin delivers gorgeous, meticulously plotted soundscapes thrumming with subtle pulses, droning atmospheres, shifting surface details, and environmental recordings (jungle sounds with birds, insects, and unidentifiable natural noises). Maximin makes classic musique concrete, but her sonic universe is staked to a rootless future." Chicago Reader

  GROOVE MAGAZINE (DE) by Franck P. Eckert

Franck P. Eckert's Motherboard column 

"The sound sources of Parisian Berangere Maximin are in rather uncomfortable climes of Drone, rhythmical noise and power electronics. Still Dangerous Orbits (Made To Measure) is an easily accessible, even in the conventional sense pleasant album, showing off again and again how little single dirty sound molecules testify about the sublime big picture." Groove Magazine

A five-star review for 'Dangerous Orbits' on vinyl

in Musikexpress Mag (DE), issue # 131 ! Sept 2015.

 by Albert Koch.

SPEX MAGAZINE (DE) by Diedrich Diederichsen

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"... the best "Made To Measure" album as for me.... super tight black hole of an album… incorruptibly leathern and sparklingly tenacious". Spex Magazine

                             RIF RAF MAGAZINE (BE) by Fabrice Vanoverberg

"the Parisian acousmatic composer sails between styles and eras, and such enthusiasm can only be contagious. 

Everything starts with the incredible 'Cracks', 12 minutes of pure enjoyment where the turntablism of Giuseppe Ielasi teams up with a memory of Dub stuck somewhere in a bird cage." (…) Rif Raf Magazine

De Subjectivisten (NL) by Jan Willem


"The music is as surprising as fascinating and knows how to surprise completely. An example for many ... the epitome of futuristic music."

De Subjectivisten



National newspaper Il Manifesto (IT)

Dalston Sound (UK)

 "There’s a lot going on in here, as in layers of memory that rub up against awareness of sounds bleeding in from present consciousness." Dalston Sound



BEAT MAGAZINE (DE) by Tobias Fischer

(click to enlarge)

                              THE ARTS DESK (UK)

theartsdesk on Vinyl: Volume 8 - Björk, Joy Division and more From Nashville garage punk to Dutch techno, the plastic that matters.

WESTZEIT (DE) by Karsten Zimalla

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