Bérangère MAXIMIN is a composer, producer, and performer known for her immersive and detail-rich abstract music. She creates sound compositions that engage listeners in a profound consideration of space and texture. Maximin's keen sense of detail and lyrical finesse have solidified her reputation on the experimental music scene. She regularly performs in both institutional and independent venues. Her work has been released on Tzadik (USA), Sub Rosa (BE), Crammed Discs (BE), Atlas Realisations (UK), and Karlrecords (DE).


 « It feels like the world is turning inside MAXIMIN’s songs now, and the resulting gravity has the weight of nature on its side. »

– Pitchfork.


« MAXIMIN’s cinematic soundworks are discomforting reminders that the universe does not at all belong to us ». 

– The Wire.


« French sound artist BERANGERE MAXIMIN delivers gorgeous, meticulously plotted soundscapes thrumming with subtle pulses, droning atmospheres, shifting surface details, and environmental recordings. Her sonic universe is staked to a rootless future. »

– Chicago Reader.

2024 concerts & events (more TBA)




Entre les lignes -

Zwischen den Zeilen

Entre les lignes - Zwischen den Zeilen / residence 

Collective project with 6 musicians and sound artists

Blind Signal (Toulouse) / Liebig 12 (Berlin) / GMEA (Albi)

Rabastens Chapel, near Toulouse, FR  
07.04.24 Rabastens  Entre les lignes - Zwischen den Zeilen / First show
Rabastens Chapel
10.04.24 Ring! 

Entre les lignes - Zwischen den Zeilen / Second show

Ring!, Toulouse, FR  
05.08.24 PAS Festival


Flashback Ensemble plays Multibrain including BM's electronic piece Brainstorm 


 PAS, Beijing, China  
31.08.24 Galliläakirche

Entre les lignes - Zwischen den Zeilen / Third show
Collective project with 6 musicians and sound artists
Blind Signal (Toulouse) / Liebig 12 (Berlin)


Galliläakirche, Berlin, DE  
20.11.24  Ars Musica

Masterclass at the Conservatory of Mons

Ars Musica, Brussels, BE  
22.11.24  Ars Musica


Flashback Ensemble plays Multibrain including BM's electronic piece Brainstorm 

Ars Musica, Brussels, BE





BM writes about her approach to sound recording and editing on French TK-21 Revue #152, April 2024. 



The novelist Fanny Chiarello has written about BM's debut album on Tzadik, in this essay titled 'Basta Now'.

Release date: March 2024 on Permanent Draft

The book presentation took place on March 8 at London's Cafe Oto during Valentina Magaletti’s three-day residency. Check it out!



Limited edition - 500 copies

Crystal clear vinyl featuring KOMORA (original track of 20 minutes) on one side, and a laser engraved artwork by Yuko Tonohira on the other. Transparent sleeve + print. Mastered by Frederic Alstadt / Angström Mastering.

Release date: July 2021 on Belgian Matière Mémoire.



Curated by Achim Szepanski

Essay about BM's albums by Frédéric Neyrat on chapter 2

Release date: Spring 2020 on Mille Plateaux.



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