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Out on June 26th, 2020




The Wire n-346 (June 20, UK)          by Louise Gray


" Maximin exhibits a knowing and playful approach to electroacoustic composition"    

- The Wire.



Blow Up (June 20, IT)                       by Massimiliano Busti


" a rich weaving of recordings... a strong melodic sensitivity... once more very convincing."      - Blow Up.


Musikexpress (July 20, DE),             by Albert Koch


" The result is so diverse that it opens up to a wide variety of readings: from the early experiments in the sound laboratories of the 1950s to the advanced techno of today." - Musikexpress.



Bandcamp Daily, Hidden Gems by Jesse Locke (April 27, 2020)







"criminally overlooked"

- Bandcamp Daily.



                                                            CONTRIBUTION TO THE ATTIC WEB MAGAZINE (English)

Lockdown List - Volume One

Text on Chapter 3.

Apr. 10, 2020.

The Attic Podcast: Berangere Maximin

One hour mixtape.

Feb. 12, 2018.

Favourite Albums of 2019

Contribution with 3 albums I enjoyed.

Dec. 28, 2019.

                                     ON THE RADIO

                                                                      FRENCH RADIO NOVA (FALL 2018)



Broadcasts + Interviews + Live sets

Live duo with Fred Frith + itw, Musikprotokoll, Graz, AT, 2018.
Extended Itw and live set Tapage Nocturne hosted by François Bonnet and Bruno Letort, 55 mns. June 12th, 2017.
Extended Itw and live set Les Aventures sonores Tues June 2nd, 2015.
Special one-hour 'Zvuk Ispod' show hosted by Marija Balubdžić, Monday June 8, 2020, 10.45 pm. Streaming link soon.
Extended Itw on L'Atelier Du Son hosted by Thomas Baumgartner Fri May 15th, 2015.

                               FEATURES AND INTERVIEWS



In-depth interview

                                            Deep Listening: Bérangère Maximin interviewed by Cindy Stern     [UK]

Cindy Stern offers her unique insights into - and talks to - the incomparable electroacoustic composer Bérangère Maximin. 

"Coming from the musique concrète world, I can't just leave the piece as it was first executed [in live concert]. My reflex is to always optimise the sound for fixed media, otherwise my ears are not satisfied. This means that the work on the recording itself, the mix, the stereophonic space, the eq-ing, must give freedom to the recorded sounds and allow them to bring their own dramaturgy."



Concert review

                                                             Der Himmel donnert by Tim Caspar Boehme     [DE]

"All elements with which Maximin works aimed deliberately onto ambiguity and allusion, she brings sounds and gestures to the game only to have them in the next moment to withdraw. She wants to set a sense of disorientation while listening. Although the mood was generally meditative, the music developed a discreet hypnotic attraction, from which one is not torn out easily. After her solo performance you wonder rather how quickly these forty-five minutes has passed." Die Tageszeitung




Beyond the Limits of Language by Tobias Fischer, 2015    [DE/EN] 

 "Space is a very rich and complex parameter in composition from the anecdotal side where the composer is reproducing the stereophony of our natural hearing perception to the playing with sound objects in mono which is a voluntary gesture from the composer, all the way to the sophisticated mise-en-scène, the inner space of the final piece with a tight writing and counterpoints, contrasts revealing different plans within the piece. I play with all that." B. M.


Itw for the Shape Platform Network by Lucia Udvardyova, July 2018 [EN]

"Bérangère Maximin speaks about her childhood on the Réunion island, her eclectic music taste (from Congolese rumba to Terre Thaemlitz) and her love-hate relationship with art"




                                                             by Marc Masters and Bérangère Maximin     [USA]                                                                                  

                             200 Words: BÉRANGÈRE MAXIMIN (2015)


"That’s one of my favorite things about Dangerous Orbits: it seems to expand with each listen, threatening to pull apart completely, but something – or, more precisely, someone – keeps it so together it ultimately feels like one huge sound."

– Marc Masters


"[Music] can even flow in my brain without a sound and that rite calms me down, helps me chill, focus, dig out what’s best in being alive. My body is a mirror which is simultaneously turned to the past and future. So inspiring. Just that sometimes I could do without the history linkage, that neuronal chain hammering the seconds, the silent voice that forces me to stay aware of the fact that I’m the essence of myself, always the same, always changing." – BM

Dangerous Orbits by Marc Masters on Pitchfork (2015, USA)  

"She’s like a ghost in her own machine, conjuring images, setting scenes, and painting sonic pictures while always dodging out of view, hiding in the dark behind the curtain on the side of her own stage. (…) It feels like the world is turning inside Maximin’s songs now, and the resulting gravity has the weight of nature on its side." Pitchfork





       Bérangère Maximin vous présente ses 5 disques de musique expérimentale préférés by Olivier Lamm     [FR]

© Marine Dricot, 2015.


"En France, on n'a pas beaucoup de rock décent, mais on a les meilleurs musiciens de musique expérimentale du monde... la Parisienne Bérangère Maximin fait partie des grands espoirs actuels de ce torrent qui gronde depuis sept ou huit décennies... elle fait partie des rares performeurs et compositeurs à avoir secoué, volontairement ou involontairement, le cocotier de la musique électro-acoustique contemporaine.... Maximin expérimente en quelque sorte avec la musique expérimentale elle-même, explosant de l'intérieur le carcan de la tape music (...) ".

The Drone

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