Bérangère Maximin is a composer, producer, and performer known for her immersive and detail-rich abstract music. She creates sound compositions that engage listeners in a profound consideration of space and texture. Maximin's keen sense of detail and lyrical finesse have solidified her reputation on the experimental music scene.

With six albums in her repertoire, she has gained global recognition for her dynamic use of digital sound material. Her work has been released on Tzadik (USA), Sub Rosa (BE), Crammed Discs (BE), and Atlas Realisations (UK). Her latest album, Land of Waves, was released on double vinyl through the Berlin-based label Karlrecords and was nominated for the French ‘Grand Prix Lycéen des Compositeurs 2021’.

At the core of Maximin's work lies sound ambivalence through its emancipation from its source, a theme that permeates throughout her discography. Time and space as sonic trajectories enhance this process, playing with concepts of simultaneity, fiction, recollection, and liberation. To Bérangère Maximin, the essence of music lies in its ability to break free from constraints, both sonic and societal. Music reflects a future where boundaries are dissolved, and possibilities endless.

      During the 2020 lockdown, she realized she was over with Paris where she had lived for twenty years, and went traveling as soon as the borders reopened. She stayed with her friends and family in Ukraine all summer, then she went to Berlin, where she encountered collaborators she’s been working with since. The second lockdown brought her back to Southwestern France. There, she started collaborating with Alexander Vert and Ensemble Flashback (Perpignan) on several educational and artistic projects. In residence at Labo Flashback, she worked on the new live solo performance, Homo Digitalis. She also finished Komora, a 20-minute piece released as a limited-edition LP on Belgian Matière Mémoire in 2021.

Within the last couple of years, Bérangère Maximin has received numerous commissions from French institutions, collectives, and theaters, marking a significant point in her career

The Snov River was commissioned by Ina-GRM for their Multiphonies concert series, premiering at Radio France's Grand Auditorium. The composer also received a grant from the French Ministry of Culture (Commande d’Etat) for writing and producing the piece titled Etre (Just Be). She received a commission from Collectif Alcôme for Déconstruction des idoles (Destroying The Idols), premiered at the Grand Opéra of Dijon during the Souffle Biennale (France). She composed Impacts I & II in collaboration with Studio éOleMaison Salvan in Toulouse, and Ensemble Flashback in Perpignan. L’Archipel-Scène Nationale commissioned her the electronic piece titled Brainstorm included in the Ensemble Flashback program for percussions and live visuals named Multibrain. It premiered at Aujourd’hui Musiques Festival. In 2024, Multibrain will tour several cities around the world.

She has now established her private studio in Perpignan, Southern France. She is currently working on her new album and the finalization of the long-play creations above mentioned. 

Bérangère Maximin's live performances have reached audiences worldwide, with appearances at renowned venues and festivals across Europe and North America. She has performed at London's Hayward Gallery, NYC Roulette, Quebec's FIMAV, Paris’s Presences Electronique festival, and Hamburg Elbphilharmonie's ePhil series, among others. Since 2021, Bérangère has appeared at Phonetics Festival (Lisbon, PT), Phonos Foundation (Barcelona, SP), Klangzeit Festival (Croatia), ByPass Festival (Toulouse, FR), Propagations Festival (Marseilles, FR), Péniche La PoP (Paris, FR), GMEM – Modulations series (Marseilles, FR).


    Bérangère Maximin started performing on stage after John Zorn and his Tzadik label released her debut album Tant Que Les Heures Passent (As Long As The Hours Go By) in the Composer Series. This inspired her to begin experimenting with live improvisation alongside her studio work. It resulted in a collaborative album with brilliant musicians she met while on tour: No One Is An Island featuring Christian Fennesz, Frédéric D. Oberland, and Richard Pinhas on the guitar and Rhys Chatham on the trumpet. This second series of compositions was released on Sub Rosa's Framework (Belgium) in limited CD and LP editions. The monolithic Infinitesimal quickly followed in the same series. The electronic piece in five movements describes a progressive transformation where only the physicality of the moment matters. It "slowly establishes internal logic, matching the way things make sense in your head even if you can't explain them." (Pitchfork). Her fourth album Dangerous Orbits was released on the Belgian label Crammed Discs' Made To Measure series. It received warm international feedback, "a menacing silvery growl, a muffled dubby pulse, a discomforting reminder that the universe does not at all belong to us" according to The Wire Magazine. She responded to the producer Craig Leon's invitation to take part in the re-activation of his Atlas Realisations label (UK) with a fifth electroacoustic series named Frozen Refrains. Her latest release, Land of Waves, contains the piece, Walking Barefoot, Imaginary Quintet, written in collaboration with French multimedia artist NSDOS, composers Colin Johnco, Roméo Poirier, and Fred Frith with whom she has played in duo several times in Europe and the USA.

Previous residencies include Paris' Ina-GRM and La Muse En Circuit, Stockholm's EMS, and the 'Villa Medicis Hors Les Murs' program in New York City.


Her notable previous live performances also include Montreal's Akousma festival, Skanu Mezs in Riga, Budapest UH festival, Graz Musikprotokoll, Paris Biennale Némo, Palais de Tokyo, Bordeaux and Strasbourg MOCAs, Brussels Schiev Festival, Barcelona LEM festival, Florence Teatro Della Pergola, Bologna Angelica Festival, Bern Dampfzentrale, NYC The Stone, Death by Audio, Zebulon, and London Cafe Oto.




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