new album

out on Atlas Realisations (UK)

on June 23, 2017 worldwide






Recorded, composed, arranged, 

mixed and produced by 




Sound objects, microphonics, 

digital chimeras, voice 


Home Sweet Home Studio/BM, 

Paris, 2016/2017


Executive production 



All compositions published by Bérangère Maximin / Editions Craig Leon Ltd. 




Distribution PIAS


Photos by Marine Dricot

and Hoyt Lean


Design by Marijn Degenaar.








1. Free Verse 02:14

2. Sky Contraction 07:01

3. Wax Melody 13:54

4. Burn and Return 14:46

5. Clash 03:59

6. Les Boucles Rebelles 08:08

7. Elpis 04:34



'WAX MELODY' from "FROZEN REFRAINS" on Atlas Realisations' Soundcloud page :

 Such an excellent Frozen Refrains review from Nathan Thomas on Fluid Radio, check it out.

(...) what frequently emerges across the album’s seven tracks is a strong sense of musicality, by which I mean that concerns such as harmony, rhythm, structure, and intensity are given the same weight as timbre and spectral analysis. A particularly striking manifestation of this is the way in which certain elements from one piece are often repeated in the next one, a risky ploy that could’ve easily come across as lazy or overly repetitive, but in Maximin’s hands gives the album an organic sense of wholeness and of different ideas growing from the same root. (...)



 Frozen Refrains reviewed by Elizabeth Newton on Tiny Mix Tapes, terrific piece.

(...) This ecstatic intrusion on my dumb grind was later brought to my memory by some of the most distinctive music I’ve heard in a while, sound artist Bérangère Maximin’s fifth full-length, Frozen Refrains, which gave me that same feeling of climbing out of an egg. Her abstract, intriguing music’s various pulsations, assemblages, and dead-ends made me think of the purple umbrella, but also many other mental pictures in my imagination, both magnificent and mundane: gestures toward divination (the midpoint of “Wax Melody,” like nothing I’ve heard), something like a funk band playing on an undersea stage with a dilapidated foundation (“Burn and Return”), or just an old memory of me watching sci-fi with a friend (on “Sky Contraction,” the sounds of us speeding toward another planet). I never understood the show we watched together, but they did, and I liked to watch them watching it. (...) 



 Thoughtful Frozen Refrains review on Canadian EXCLAIM! by Kevin Press.

(...) Her new album, Frozen Refrains, captures a gifted artist at or at least near her creative peak. (...)



First interview about Frozen Refrains on French National Radio France Musique's Tapage Nocturne show hosted by François Bonnet and Bruno Letort, broadcast on June 12, 2017, 11 pm ::: interview + Live set, duration : 55 mins.



One of my pieces appears on Tim Burgess' mixtape for I-D mag ! w/ Nik Colk Void, Daniel O'Sullivan, Alexander Tucker, Chastity Belt, Simon John Fisher Turner, Solange, Ariel Rosenberg, Pheromoans and Animal Collective.



New album to be announced soon. In the meantime, why not have a listen to a selection of pieces picked from the previous four albums, enjoy :



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